uⁿ𝔡e𝔣𝔢ᵃ𝔱𝔢d 777 T-shirt

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uⁿ𝔡e𝔣𝔢ᵃ𝔱𝔢d 777 T-shirt by yeule, Inc. (2022)

Made for Glitches of Cyber Dimension 03e.

♱: yeule 2022 tour print
♡: 100% cotton, Earth sourced
☾: 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly and sustainable

Dimensions: Size Chart
Fit: S / M / L / XL / XXL

© Materials forged by the Angels of Cyber Dimension 03e.
© Graphic design by EG Huang
© Imagery by yeule

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