Gl̸̫͙̙͓̋͛͗̑ Ḭ̵̭̭̪̤̲̮̱̳̒́͐̔͑͑͘͝𝔱ch 𝔭𝕣ḭ̵̭̭̪̤̲̮̱̳̒́͐̔͑͑͘͝𝕟c 𝖊𝓼ꜱ — sticker pack

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Glitch Princess sticker pack — contains 2 variant designs of the official 'yeule' logo.

✧ Designed by 𝔢 𝔤

Variant 1: 120 x 56 mm

Variant 2: 138 x 25 mm

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