𝔭ä̴͚́̿͌̋̐͌͝͝ƚ𝐢e̸̺̺͉͆̽̉͆͋𝕟𝔱-𝐳e̴̯̱̗̎̈́͌̍̑яo̶̡̊̽͒̐ d͎𝔯𝖊𝓼ꜱ

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𝔭ä̴͚́̿͌̋̐͌͝͝ƚ𝐢e̸̺̺͉͆̽̉͆͋𝕟𝔱-𝐳e̴̯̱̗̎̈́͌̍̑яo̶̡̊̽͒̐ d͎𝔯𝖊𝓼ꜱ by yeule, Inc. (2021)

Armour for healed angels.

♱: Embroidered yeule cross
♡: Two-tie ribbon back closures
☾: Made from sustainable materials

Dimensions: 64cm (Length)
Fit: Oversized / One Size

Limited edition of 88 healing gowns.

© Materials forged by the Angels of Cyber Dimension 03e.
© Produced by yeule, Inc Technologies (Armour Sector).

---[ ! ] IMPORTANT [ ! ]---
𝔭ä̴͚́̿͌̋̐͌͝͝ƚ𝐢e̸̺̺͉͆̽̉͆͋𝕟𝔱-𝐳e̴̯̱̗̎̈́͌̍̑яo̶̡̊̽͒̐ will be available for pre-order again soon. The 2nd restock is estimated to ship out Feb 2022. Sign up to the Cyber Dimension 03e mailing list to get notified first!

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