𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ by yeule, Inc. (2021)

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𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ by yeule, Inc. (2021) Scented essence of coded memories and personas for non-binary cyborgs.For use with Kaisen-4 (Ver.8) integrated cyber-tech. ♱: Smoked Bergamot and Pink Pepper♡: White flowers, Rose and Violet leaves☾: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Íris Root and Musks Dimensions: 8x4.5x2.5cm © Perfume formulated by yeule, Inc. Technologies (2021) © Produced by Urania's Children & The Heavenly Garden Origin: Cyber Dimension 03e.Spell-casted, bottled & assembled in London, UK.

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